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The Merkén “Cacho Cabra Chile” has become a must-see on Chilean grills

The word merkén comes from the Mapudungun Medken (ground salt), as it was originally a dressing made from crushed salt mixed with chili. Today its preparation is based on a chili pepper called "cacho de cabra" because of its long and pointed shape. 

This variety of chili pepper that is traditionally planted and harvested in the Araucanía Region, goes through a drying and smoking process to then be ground and thus achieve the much desired merkén, a dressing that gives a special spice to meals and preparations. .

Cacho Cabra Chile straight to your grill 

Chub Goat Chile is a company that was born incipiently in 2017 in Temuco and arises from the personal taste for the merkén of its owner, the commercial engineer Melissa Beecher Malschafsky, who initially sees this business idea as a parallel undertaking to her then stable job. Already in 2019 he decides to take a leap and go on the market with a renewed image and dedicating himself one hundred percent to the massification of the product.

Although the development of this company has gone by stages, achieving, in the first instance, the positioning of the brand and the location of customers and distribution points, this entrepreneur has always had the idea of ​​exporting the merkén, that is why since its In the beginning, the premise has been to add value to its product, being the packaging and the variety of its flavors (smoked, garlic, coriander, basil, hazelnut, almond and ginger), which makes Chub Goat Chile differentiate yourself from other producers in the industry and manage to reach not only the public that likes itching in their preparations, but also be a gift alternative for its beautiful presentation.   

The Goal: “Export frequently”

The next step is the initial goal that Melissa set for herself; export, and frequently, not sporadically, and for this, without a doubt, making themselves known in international markets is the great challenge, adding other e-commerce platforms such as, where in addition to being a Marketplace, it provides comprehensive advice and management of the export process. It must also be considered that the growth of any company implies investment and in the case of Chub Goat Chile, the technology in its packaging processes is another of the goals that its owner has proposed in the short term. 

"I live from my business"

Melissa Beecher's dedication and perseverance have been the keys to the success of her company, today she herself points out: "Although it was difficult for me to make the decision to dedicate myself to this alone, I can say that I live from my entrepreneurship and that makes me happy", Well, although it all started as a parallel undertaking, today we can find throughout the country Chub Goat Chile  and very soon it will be, without a doubt, in international markets. In addition, Melissa invites producers and entrepreneurs to dare and although, "maybe I work more than someone who meets a working schedule, the effort is worth it," adds this businesswoman, who today is in charge of the entire chain of production, elaboration, packaging, distribution and commercialization of this product as ours as the merkén, which has become an essential in the grill and gourmet preparations. 

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