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A while ago we received an email through our ISIBIS.CL platform from a supposed Asian importer interested in several products from our users. He introduced himself giving a lot of information and it sounded like a big, important company and the business seemed interesting, but there were several things that didn't add up. We started to analyze and it turned out to be a scam attempt, which is quite common today and a similar modus operandi is used. Here we tell you how we detected it:

The first thing that caught our attention is that he told us large purchase quantities that he had already practically decided on, without even having asked for more technical information (a technical sheet at least). It also requested a price, placed in a port the process). And finally they asked us for legal information about the company and/or the owners and emphasized that it was essential to register the brand (which obviously had a cost that had to be assumed and transferred by the exporters) for which they sent you a series of documents and powers that you had to sign to represent you in the process.

The years of circus and the experience that we have accumulated at Neotrade allowed us to realize that the process was not as it should be and that the interest was rather to generate a fraudulent registration of the brands and charge a “ransom” for it. To our surprise, more clients began to receive these types of emails and they asked us for help to do this business and they were enthusiastic about it, but fortunately they consulted with us and we helped them avoid falling into the trap, but we learned about the case of al At least 3 SMEs that did fail and that now cannot operate in some markets because they do not have the rights to their own brand (they lost their brand and the money they were charged for registration).

For those who are just starting out or do not have experience in exports, it is difficult to identify this type of fraud, but if you have doubts, seek help, consult (Prochile should be able to guide you, it should), call us and before moving forward, get good advice regarding the process. Making a bad decision can cost your business dearly, so if you need guidance or help, count on us.

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