Terms and Conditions

www.isibis.cl is a non-transactional e-commerce platform, operated by Neotrade SpA, which aims to promote and manage the export of products made by SMEs in the agri-food sector, serving as a facilitator and intermediary between the producer / seller and the foreign importer / buyer. This marketplace does not buy and sell products. It encourages contact between interested parties, since exporting is a complex commercial activity that depends on multiple logistical and regulatory variables, as the case may be. The publication of products on www.isibis.cl does not imply exclusivity of the products it offers, on the contrary, its objective is to support the exposure and visibility of proposals with export value, create seasonal offers, contribute to the positioning of products in an organic way in the competitive dimension of e-commerce and, above all, manage collaborative exports between producers and brands to achieve standards of quantity, volume and export weight, among others. Anyone can access the platform and access information of interest to both types of user. To be a seller or buyer of the products offered on www.isibis.cl, users must create an account and register, and in this way manage the information they publish on the platform. Sellers may publish information about their products, characteristics, varieties and contact information, as well as Buyers may publish about needs and / or requirements of some type of product under the Business Opportunities concept. By registering, the user accepts the following Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as its Privacy Policy, available on the website. Regarding the ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION, it is the user's responsibility to constantly update the information related to their product. Isibis.cl reserves the right to modify, update and correct the contents of this site at any time, but it has no obligation to update information that is not officially reported. By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you accept your responsibility to keep your product information up to date. Neotrade SpA, www.isibis.cl Parent Company, offers this platform free of charge for sellers and buyers, establishing differentiated commissions in the case of entering into a commercial agreement, assuming full responsibility for export management. To be part of www.isibis.cl, users must register ad hoc information to the seller / buyer role as the case may be, through a form when configuring their User Registration. In the case of a seller, the complete identification of the person in charge of the publication will be required, preferably commercial managers or owner of the brand and its products. In addition, basic information for the optimal exposure and visibility of the product: name, variety, format, characteristics and images in 1200 x 800 .jpg or .png of each product, as well as the brand logo for advertising and advertising use. marketing. www.isibis.cl reserves the right to verify, accept or reject information before being published, for not meeting the minimum requirements of the standards required by the platform. The use of www.isibis.cl as an online commerce platform, requires sellers to comply with all regulations established by the authority for the marketing of their products, as well as requires buyers to comply with all the regulations required the country of destination. It will be the responsibility of each registered user to read and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use once the registration has been made. Neotrade SpA may make changes to these Terms, due to variations in the technological field, regulation, incorporation of new services and / or tools to the platform. Neotrade SpA reserves the right to notify its registered users about changes and / or updates to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Www.isibis.cl will use the advertising and marketing information of the published products, delivered by Sellers / Producers for content promotional on dissemination platforms such as social networks, mail marketing, website, landing pages, fairs, webinars, etc. Likewise, and if deemed necessary, each duly registered user may mention the isibis.cl brand for advertising purposes, without misrepresenting information and corporate identity. Isibis.cl reserves the right to update, modify or replace any part of these Terms and Conditions of Use, by publishing updates and changes on our website. Depending on the subject in question, registered users will be notified of such changes.