Policies and privacy

The data and information contained in www.isibis.cl will be used under the terms provided in this Privacy Policy to safeguard the correct treatment and protection of these. Its Headquarters Neotrade Chile SpA, has the following measures for the correct collection, use and dissemination of the information presented here. 

  1. Any user of the site may do so in the most absolute anonymity without having to provide any type of information, with the exception of needing to access more information about the products published here, or regarding information about the promotion of different business opportunities, For which the Registration with the proper username and password will be required. 
  2. Regarding the transmission of information, Neotrade Chile SpA may provide contact information to companies and / or professionals that are part of our export network and support for the execution of international trade operations on our platform, safeguarding the confidentiality of information sensitive. 
  3. In the event of total or partial sale of the signature and operation of the platform www.isibis.cl, Neotrade Chile SpA is empowered to transfer the databases, without prior consent, unless said information is confidential, or is subject to some legal restriction, such as patent or intellectual property. 
  4. The information collected by the operations carried out through the www.isibis.cl platform, including types of products traded, amounts, costs, countries of origin and destination, may be used by Neotrade Chile SpA and / or its subsidiaries for the purposes that deems appropriate, taking all the necessary safeguards to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the data of the exporter and importer involved. 
  5. To access more information about the products offered in the MarketPlace or Business Opportunities, only duly registered users, whose account is active and have a secure personal password, will be able to access. This password must be kept under absolute confidentiality and in no case be shared with third parties, without the consent of Neotrade Chile SpA and / or its subsidiaries. 
  6. For product sellers, duly registered, they may publish information about their products, characteristics, varieties, as well as add or modify personal and / or company information.
  1. For product buyers, duly registered, they may publish specific requirements regarding a particular product, see more information about the publications. 
  2. Users will be responsible for all actions that take place with the use of their access data, including the payment of fines and / or damages that other users may eventually suffer for the misuse of their access information to the platform. 
  3. Our services may only be used by natural persons who have legal capacity to sign any type of contract, therefore, all those persons who do not comply with this condition will not be able to be part of our records, nor use our systems. 
  4. Regarding Information Security, Neotrade Chile SpA and its subsidiaries will implement all the technical, operational and administrative measures necessary to provide security to the records, preventing the information contained in their systems from being adulterated or used fraudulently. These measures must respond to the minimum requirements considered in current legislation and will be periodically evaluated to measure their effectiveness and avoid vulnerabilities.
  5. www.isibis.cl has all the measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to the platform and prevent accidental loss or damage to the information contained on our servers. It is necessary to consider that, although all the safeguards have been taken to avoid such situations, we cannot guarantee the non-occurrence of computer attacks of an external nature.  
  6. Among the security measures adopted, we will occasionally request proof of identity before allowing access to information considered sensitive, for which reason, it is noted that the user is solely responsible for the protection against unauthorized access using your password.