Natural Force: healthy food with a social sense

Fuerza Natural is a company dedicated to the elaboration of healthy snacks With 10 years in the national market, which was born from the concern of Paula Del Castillo and Javier Gallastegui, who, when they became the mother and father of their respective children, began to be interested in healthy eating for children. 

They began to see that in the world of nutrition there was no innovative development, healthy and above all, at a reasonable price. They showed that this type of product was always in the gourmet section of supermarkets, and at a not very accessible price, which motivated the search for a product that was healthy, but also massive, favoring people's nutrition, without socioeconomic bias. This is how this duo was forging a company with a social purpose that differentiates them until now. 

Its focus is on the development of healthy snacks at a fair price, contributing to a healthy diet. This has allowed them to capture the market foodservice, that is, institutions that must provide healthy food, of good quality and industrial management, such as schools and hospitals that must feed a large number of people, in most cases in vulnerable situations. 

"The common thing is that companies are created to generate economic value for partners and in the case of Fuerza Natural it is a company that, although it sustains itself economically, its gaze is set on the beneficiary, on the consumer who goes every day to be fed by a healthy, rich, innovative product, understanding that, generally, nutritional quality products have an over-price in the market, ”says Paula Del Castillo.

With this B2B business strategy, that is, commercial relationships between companies, they aspire to reach Latin American markets, mainly institutions that have little budget to purchase their food, which generally is not the best nutritional quality and that is where Fuerza Natural plays an important role. in being healthy snack providers at affordable prices

The value of associativity 

From the beginning these entrepreneurs understood the value of collaboration to achieve objectives. Paula remembers from the beginning they understood that innovation and the application of technology was substantial, for which they established an alliance with an international supplier, which allowed the development of a product with standards of retail and good positioning. 

With the same vision of generating strategic alliances, last year they accepted the invitation of the Isibis Marketplace, “we felt that it was a super good opportunity to present Fuerza Natural's products in new international markets to which we were not yet open. We are very happy to be part of this restless team with the desire to present the developments of Chileans to the world, so, since last year, in the midst of the pandemic, this opportunity arose and we take it with great enthusiasm ”, says Del Castillo. 

He adds that “at Fuerza Natural we have shown that associativity between companies, between brands, between teams of people are essential to empower ourselves, grow and advance much further. The grouping is the union of strengths between the different actors, that is why our work together with this Marketplace makes us feel quite comfortable " 

Knocking down gaps 

In realities such as Chile, it is evident that the price of a healthy product is high, generating a perception that healthy is expensive. Fuerza Natural seeks to make a difference and break down this gap. Its partners are proud of what has been achieved and recognize that the award of two financing instruments by CORFO has allowed them to invest and improve their knowledge in research and development of their food, with products that are thought and made from Chile, putting disposition of the national and international market, snacks with unique attributes: healthy, innovative and affordable. 

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