SIGNORE MARIO: "From our table to yours"

For the Marketplace  It is always important to have family businesses and display products with that tinge of warmth and closeness in your digital display case so that they are known and consumed in international markets. 

This is the case of SIGNORE MARIO , a company of the Balut Repetto family, is dedicated to the production of products plant based, that is, recipes for food based on vegetables and that today have two products in the national market: mayonnaise and vegan butter, available for the reatil and the international market through 

7 years ago, Doña Inés Repetto, a chemical engineer, together with two of her engineer sons, motivated by their interest in healthy and homemade food, decided to start making vegan mayonnaise. Without fully knowing the market, they started with the idea, successfully marketing their first product. A year and a half ago they launched their second product; the butter. Both inspired by healthy and vegan principles with ingredients and supplies that are friendly to the environment and ecofriendly, that is, certified free of animal abuse. Its consequence with a lifestyle that is as sustainable as possible, requires that its containers and packaginig be reusable or recyclable, such as, for example, butter paper is 100% compostable. All of the above, without a doubt, has been his hallmark that today his loyal customers stand out and prefer. 

Faced with the social and health crisis that has hit the market and the lives of consumers in recent months, since SIGNORE MARIO  They assure that they were always clear that the only way to survive these times was to work three times as long. Thanks to their efforts, they increased their sales for a few months in 2020 and they attribute it exclusively to the spirit and mystique of the team of this company made up of six people. "We have kept our spirits high and we have avoided going down, thinking about the future and planning to launch new products in the short term," says Enrique Balut, one of the founding partners. 

Innovating with technology and tradition. 

It is no secret to anyone that entrepreneurs have been faced with the need to seek new ways of marketing, considering e-commerce strategies as essential for increasing sales and brand positioning. Exporting your products is a goal to achieve nothing easy for SIGNORE MARIO , since implementing the cold chain that your products must have is a great challenge. For the above, they trust the platform of and their support in terms of knowledge of the international market, and they ensure that the Marketplace plays a fundamental role in making their products visible and the possibility of doing business abroad. 

In this regard, Balut adds, “We want our current clients to have a greater variety of products and, on the other hand, to be able to attract new clients even abroad. As in this type of sales there is a shipping cost, importers choose to buy several products from a single supplier and that is why the marketplace is a safe way to have more product offers. In addition, our online service is a super close, transparent service, where the response to our clients is timely and personalized ”, added Balut. 

This family business stands out for rescuing the traditions of homemade products with recipes made by themselves, always backed by scientific research and with a seal of affection and familiarity that highlights them. The implementation of technology has been key. They have a good standard of equipment for the production, operation and marketing of their products. 

Balut points out that they plan to remain a family business and prefer it to something more industrialized, since from the beginning their motivating phrase has always been “from our table to yours", Thinking of being present at each stage or process of your undertaking. "We are happy that our products are to be shared with the family, with natural and good quality food, which gives added value to our products," emphasized Balut, adding that the community that has formed SIGNORE MARIO  with their customers is undoubtedly the incentive to continue despite the difficulties that arise, such as the pandemic or the social outbreak, as their buyers return them with positive comments about the pride of having their products on their tables.

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