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The two pillars of export ventures.

Without a doubt, for entrepreneurs it is a great challenge to stop and continue in the context of the recession that our country and the world are suffering as a result of the pandemic. Not a few small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have had the courage, creativity and determination to maintain their entrepreneurship, managing to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new reality.

It is in moments of crisis that the characteristics that a good entrepreneur should have are revealed; passion, ambition, leadership, initiative, improvement, creativity, order and dedication. Everything seems to be more complex if the expectations are placed on exporting the products themselves and facing the economic recession, contributing with effort to the reactivation.

If this unexpected health and economic crisis made it clear to us, it is the importance of the networks and connections in which the entrepreneur operates, which can save a business. To export it is necessary to develop good marketing, but it is also essential to have contacts and business relationships that promote the emergence of new business opportunities and / or share information about experiences in markets and keep an eye on where there are real possibilities. 

The role of exporting SMEs is fundamental to our economy. The data indicate that these types of companies have grown 17% in the last 8 years, in industries, services, agro-food, seafood and creative industries. ProChile covers only 30% of exporting SMEs, achieving operations for US $ 19.632 million, as reported by the agency.

If we consider the delta of non-client companies of ProChile We can assume that there are entrepreneurs that operate independently in the international market, but it would hardly be the remaining 70%. 

Why don't entrepreneurs dare to export?

It's true, exporting is complex. But it comes with an enormous opportunity for growth, expansion, innovation and employability. Only customers of ProChile generate 28.166 jobs.

The experiences of client companies of neo trade they show that it can be done. To achieve this, it is essential to bear in mind two broad lines of action that become the pillars of export ventures: knowing the market and having a robust network of contacts to have access to timely and reliable information; and the use of information technology, digitization and e-commerce management. 

These two dimensions are fundamental for the design of an adjusted product internationalization plan that accelerates the potential scaling of ventures and contributes to an adequate export management of Chile to the world.

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