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GHEE 450cc

* Price Per Box Currency: American Dollar (US $) Specification: Clarified butter known as Ghee, from Ayurvedic culture, which is credited with health benefits. Ghee is the traditional unsalted butter, which has been clarified, a process that removes the solids from the milk: casein, lactose and water. It has a more yellow color than traditional butter. 100% natural and handmade / No Preservatives / No Dyes / Sodium Free / Lactose Free / Casein Free / Gluten Free. Also available in 210cc and 1.000cc format Country of origin: Chile Packaging format: Glass jar Packaging detail: 6 Units per Box / 20 Boxes per Pallet Useful life: 12 Months Certifications: Gluten free Available stock: 40 Boxes Supply capacity: 50 Boxes Monthly Minimum purchase: 40 Boxes Delivery time: 3 Weeks from OC reception Brand: Chile How the payment was made: Advance Terms of Sale: EXW