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* Price Per Box Currency: American Dollar (US $) Specification: Baked snack made with salmon skin, triangular in shape, slightly inflated, with a scaly and crunchy appearance.
  • 100% natural product
  • High in protein
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • No preservative or artificial flavor
  • Baked, not fried
  • Gluten free
  • 30g container.
  • 5 different varieties: Patagonian Spice (salty with spicy touches) / Smokey (salty and smoked) / Pesto (salty with hints of aromatic herbs) / Sauce (sweet, salty and mild spices) / Sea Salt (salty with hints of olive)
Country of origin: Chile Packaging format: Doypack Packaging detail: 24 Units per Box / 30 Boxes per Pallet Useful life: 12 Months Certifications: HACCP Available stock: 360 Boxes Supply capacity: 1.440 Boxes Monthly Minimum purchase: 72 Boxes Delivery time: 30 days from OC reception Brand: Williwaw Foods How the payment was made: 20% Advance - 80% CAD Terms of Sale: FOB


* Price Per Box Currency: American Dollar (US $) Specification: Baked souffle based on chickpea flour.
  • Crunchy and light
  • Good source of protein and fiber
  • 100% natural
  • Vegans
  • Varieties: Retro Cheese / Authentic Peanuts / Smart Hummus
Country of origin: Chile Packaging format: Clutch Packaging detail: 9 Units per Box / 48 Boxes per Pallet Useful life: 12 Months Certifications: Available stock: 150 Boxes Supply capacity: 300 Boxes Monthly Minimum purchase: 96 Boxes Delivery time: 3 Weeks from OC reception Brand: Hips How the payment was made: Advance Terms of Sale: FOB