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* Price Per Box Currency: American Dollar (US $) Specification:  Wavv Sonic Gin, the only one aged with sound frequencies of music, a method called sonic aging. Aged in American and French oak. Herbal and spicy with sweet touches of honey and toffee, as well as stone fruit and toasted orange. This aged Gin contains the same botanicals as WAVV GIN, adding the influence of wood and the sound of various styles of music, giving it greater dimension, balance and complexity, creating a unique spirit in its category. In the past, the distillates traveled in boats from one place to another inside barrels. Thanks to the movement of the waves and the time elapsed, the spirit rested, turning its flavor into something unexpectedly better. Under this inspiration + music and its emotions, WAVV SONICALLY AGED GIN was born, shaken and aged sonically in American and French oak. ABV: 40% Format: 700 ml Weight: 1.339 kg / 1 bottle Vegan / Gluten-free Non GMO Country of origin: Chile Packaging format: bottles Packaging detail: 6 Bottles per Box / 140 Boxes per Pallet Useful life: Indefinite Certifications: Does not have Available stock: 200 Bottles Supply capacity: 2.000 Bottles Monthly Minimum purchase: 1 pallets Delivery time: 8 Weeks from OC reception Brand: Wavv Spirits Payment: To agree Terms of Sale: FOB