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* Price Per Box Currency: American Dollar (US $) Specification:  Wavv Gin, the only rested with sound frequencies of music. #elsabordelsonido Gin Premium London Dry style, contains 12 botanicals, two of them endemic to Chile. Our unique method of sonic rest, a technique that consists of making the liquid dance to the rhythm of the music, resulting in a smooth distillate, pleasant to the palate, which highlights aromas and flavors.
  • On the nose: evokes an elegantly herbaceous forest, with subtle floral notes like a field in bloom, bright citrus, classic and clean.
  • On the palate: a touch of sweetness, top citrus notes, with a herbaceous middle that lingers to the finish.
  • Grain based, gluten free
  • 40%, 700 ml
  • Vegan, NON-GMO.
  • Silver medal award Catad'or Win Awards 2020
Country of origin: Chile Packaging format: bottles Packaging detail: 6 Bottles per Box / 140 Boxes per Pallet Useful life: Indefinite Certifications: Does not have Available stock: 600 Bottles Supply capacity: 2.000 Bottles Monthly Minimum purchase: 1 pallets Delivery time: 8 Weeks from OC reception Brand: Wavv Spirits Payment: To agree Terms of Sale: FOB