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With the arrival of 2022, many countries have begun to return to that pre-pandemic feeling of “normality”, and companies, especially smaller ones, have learned from the changes experienced in the last two years. One of the biggest changes experienced was that attendance in many cases is not essential, although in many cases it is desirable, but without a doubt the biggest change was in the way of thinking and facing the accelerated changes that are here to stay and the impact this has had on the way of doing business.

Today more than ever it is essential to listen and understand your final consumer, in the same way that you should do it with your client, with your partners and with all the actors involved in your business chain. Therefore, if you want to expand your business to new markets this year, here are 4 tips for you to be successful:

1.- Anticipate technological changes that affect communication and purchasing processes.

 More and more people are working remotely, which sometimes makes communication more precise and automated, including customer support. Many companies are reducing their dependencies and outsourcing part of them to optimize costs and achieve higher levels of efficiency in terms of customer service.

Investigate what are the trends or changes that may affect the way in which the different actors in your chain operate, and anticipate them by paying special attention to creating a link that ensures fluid communication and being present in the minds of buyers or takers. of decision. Use a CRM system that helps you track communication with your customers or prospects, reminds you of the next steps and helps you automate communication channels to always be present.

2.- Keep an organized and complete website

The increase in the use of RRSS has led many companies and entrepreneurs to only use them as an official means of communication, however, international buyers want to know who they work with and need to feel safe, and for this a website is always a good reference, because it not only shows concern, but also gives the feeling of tranquility to obtain a purchase reference.

Also consider that it is not enough to have a domain or any site, you must give it the value it deserves as it is the first official communication channel for many importers. The same applies to the material you use to present your product to the customer or buyer, to inform about new products or commercial conditions. It is important to have clear support material that adds value to the relationship you are creating with your client.

Always remember, there is NO second chance for a good first impression!

3.- Consider multiple purchase options

The easier it is to reach an agreement, the more interested a buyer will be in continuing to work with you. For this reason, it is important to have several purchase options prepared that consider different elements such as the form of payment, periodicity, volume, among other options. Present them all and allow your client to choose the one that he considers most convenient for the reality of his business.

A business is successful and can be projected over time when a win-win is achieved for both parties.

4.- Demonstrate mastery of the data

Consumers require more and more information, and therefore buyers must be prepared and need to know every detail of the product and your company. Make sure you are clear about all the information that you consider is key to selling your product, what its differentiating characteristics are, how it adds value, what sensations it generates for the consumer, how you make it sustainable, or any other element that is a factor in time to decide to buy. Manage the figures, use them and above all, keep them updated.

Information is power, and knowing how to use it builds trust.  


If it doesn't work, don't be discouraged. Expanding into new markets is a task that requires energy and perseverance, it is not immediate, you need extra effort and determination. The unknown makes us afraid and paralyzes us most of the time, but great risks generate great results.

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