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Chilean quinoa is a healthy food with an international presence.

More and more markets are introducing healthy foods with beneficial properties for consumers. This is the case of the quinoa produced Promauka  , a Chilean company that has known how to recognize the benefits of the coastal rainfed by developing a selection of the best quinoas in the O'Higgins Region. 

Since its inception Promauka works under the conviction of positioning Chilean quinoa as a real alternative to a healthy, natural product whose properties are unique compared to other quinoa in the world. The production of various varieties and marketed in different formats is carried out under the supervision of professionals specialized in cultivation and under food safety and traceability standards that ensure product quality. 

Rodrigo Pizarro, General Manager of Promauka mentions that as in the domestic market, today it is important to have a good international support team and a network of contacts abroad. "My experience with neo trade It has been very enriching. We started 2017 working with a clear idea of ​​internationalization of our products, but without sufficient knowledge in foreign trade. With the passage of time we have managed to export and introduce improvements in our products based on the recommendations of the advisory team ”. 

For, Promauka Good planning, team experience and knowledge about the complexities of export have been vital for small companies in the Chilean agri-food industry. "The important thing about working with neo trade It has been to establish a good roadmap with a clear, medium and long-term navigation chart, seeking a larger commercial scale ”, adds Pizarro.  

That is how Promauka  It has already entered the North American market and focuses its attention on innovating, both in quality and in researching new products to meet market needs, especially in pandemics, where safety in the agri-food sector is intractable. 

“Our current challenge is to compete with other varieties with high penetration in the international market, produced in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, whose prices are competitive. We are doing work with the industry, focused on the quality of the product and the support of universities and professionals in the commercial area such as neo trade. We firmly believe in advancing in volume and value in order to have an important participation at the national level and also to specify other exports in the short and medium term ”, he points out.

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