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Export to Asia in 2021 without dying in the attempt.

Despite the difficulties generated by the pandemic, experts say that with discipline and effort you can grow when you make smart and visionary decisions. In order to commercialize your products in international markets, it is important to analyze all the variables that allow you to export successfully and not "die trying".

This is how Jaime Hidalgo, Consultant and Director of International Business at neo trade and partner of the foreign trade marketplace isibis.cl, in the export capacity self-assessment workshop, which aims to provide producers with knowledge and tools to diagnose their potential expansion to international markets.

Hidalgo is emphatic in pointing out that globalization is a business option in these times, as the digital transformation has prompted more entrepreneurs and SMEs in Chile to dare to go out into the world and export. 

"A good analysis is of vital importance in every project and exporting is not exempt from this", Hidalgo points out at the outset, who proposes a model that consists of 3 key phases prior to the internationalization of any undertaking:

Broadly speaking, the first instance is the preparation where the company is analyzed and diagnosed in different areas (product / company, market, competitiveness); a second phase of intervention during which a business plan is developed that defines improvements to enter a competitive level; and finally, the stage of planning, where prices, designs, logistics, marketing strategy and everything that will allow access to the international market in a strategic and sustainable way over time are set. 

“It is difficult to guarantee success because it would play with the expectations of the companies, but I can assure you that it is the execution of a professional, coordinated, focused export management, with access to a good network of contacts and detection of significant business opportunities, it is the right way ”, emphasized Jaime Hidalgo. The reflection lies in the need to know how to identify the weaknesses of the company in the export process and seek specialized advice. "Ignorance causes us to discard fundamental aspects of the process. When that happens, problems arise that become limitations that producers do not know how to handle, and even more so if they are multitasking entrepreneurs ”, explained the export expert. After the talk, developed in conjunction with OH Cowork, attendees agreed on the importance of knowing how to overcome obstacles and make efficient use of financial resources.

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