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45,2% of the brands present in Isibis only have this platform as a sales channel.

The platform has an offer of more than 70 brands of products of Chilean origin with international potential, and offers updated information on export opportunities based on a strengthened network of contacts and knowledge of consumer trends in different parts of the world.

May 2021. Nobody is unaware of the fundamental role of SMEs in the economic development of the country, contributing to its growth, from production, innovation and also international expansion. Let's not forget that in Chile SMEs have grown 17% in the last 8 years, and the need to adapt to the digital transformation is essential to comply with the competitiveness standards that the market imposes on them.

From this perspective, the team of professionals behind the isibis.cl platform, created in 2018, has carried out a study of satisfaction and perception of its exporting users, with the aim of raising expectations and optimizing the display of its products and export management of its proposals.

In addition to themes of shape and design more in line with current trends, the marketplace is not only valued as a commercial showcase, but is also considered a meeting point between agri-food producers, where the possibilities of associativity between brands when exporting, It has become a concrete collaborative export model highly valued by exporters and importers.

Its specific niche characteristic allows buyers to be interested in more than one brand and / or product, motivating volume purchases and facilitating logistics and operational management aspects of the export process. It must be considered that 45,2% of the brands present in www.isibis.cl They only have this platform as a sales channel and 58% highlight "business opportunities" as a differentiator of the platform.

After an analysis of the results of the survey applied during May, it appears that the positioning of brands abroad is the main pain of local producers, being isibis.cl a concrete opportunity to face this gap, in addition to logistical aspects, establishment of prices and diversification of production, in order of relevance for the SMEs surveyed. It is important to mention that Isibis.cl is operated by the International Business Consultant, Chile, whose main objective is to solve and promote commercial and export projects of Chilean producers in the rest of the world, using their vast knowledge and experience on the particularities of the export process, its technical requirements, certifications, costs and associated amounts, making available a efficient and profitable accompaniment.

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