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How to export successfully?

The participation of SMEs in economic activity has maintained sustained growth in recent years. During some periods in a more accelerated way than others, but sustained despite times of crisis. There is a consensus regarding the need to promote the growth of SMEs from innovation in products or business models, the application of technologies, and also in their expansion capacity.

The truth is that the State, through various mechanisms, cannot be the only driving force. ProChile covers the demand for assistance for the export of 30% of SMEs, achieving operations for US $ 19.632 million. The foregoing shows that 70% of medium and small companies in the national economy do not export, constituting a significant commercial potential. 

In a widely globalized environment, Chile must understand internationalization as a matter of competitiveness and scalability that is essential to sustain itself. In addition to a finished business model, and having a product or service of excellence, more and more enterprises and micro-enterprises are managing a strategy that allows them to enter international markets; know strengths and weaknesses, generate strategic links, have statistical data and ultimately generate a finished study that allows reducing risks when exporting. 

To support male and female entrepreneurs on the export path, the SME specialist and Manager of Neotrade, Consultant in International Business, Jaime Hidalgo, assures that the key is to promote commercial and export projects, knowing closely the particularities of the process, the technical requirements, certifications, costs and associated amounts, that is, to handle and manage all the information in a comprehensive way to develop profitable export processes.

neo trade It has a reliable network of contacts in the United States and Europe that allows it to access up-to-date information on potential markets, recognizing where the business opportunities are for producers in the agri-food sector and supporting the internationalization of its offer in America, Asia and Europe. 

José Pedro Gazmuri, from Viña Casa Montero assures that “Neotrade's support has allowed us to improve different areas of our process to open ourselves to new markets in a competitive way. They have guided us in regulatory matters and in the export process itself, which has given us a lot of confidence and mitigated the risks ”.

Both project managers and services that know the work of Neotrade agree that the facilitation of processes in the export chain, advising and assisting small and medium-sized exporting companies, has been a great contribution based on a knowledgeable team of the technical and operational issues that arise from the cultural gaps inherent to the international operation. 

“We started 2017 with a clear idea of ​​internationalizing our products, but without sufficient knowledge of how the foreign trade system works. With the passage of time and the orientation of Neotrade, we have been perfecting our production based on the recommendations that have been made to us and the demands of the international market that they know very well ”, says Rodrigo Pizarro of Promauka

Jaime Hidalgo, Commercial Director of Neotrade ensures that the purpose of the consultancy is to break down barriers that small and medium-sized entrepreneurs face through a comprehensive management of internationalization of their products, in an agile, accurate and competitive way and therefore deliver them Chile's wealth to international markets, under standards of compliance with current regulations and a permanent adaptation to the dynamism of foreign trade.

In short, the advantages of SMEs of having a company that ensures prospecting and commercial management, under a flexible cost structure, is a safe and concrete opportunity, since this strategic ally facilitates an accurate diagnosis, counting on reliable studies and research of the markets and the product environment, offers strategies based on opportunity and above all on the differentiation of the product for its commercialization and therefore its international expansion.

Undoubtedly, having strategic allies when embarking on the export path is a wise decision that will always mean reducing risks, achieving the proposed goals and expanding reliably, while still losing focus on the quality of what is produced. , but with the necessary knowledge in foreign trade, which is precisely what Neotrade offers.

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